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Creative Inspiration: Boosting Creative Entrepreneurship & Digital Learning

CreatINNES multiplier event in Sofia

The CreatINNES multiplier event, entitled “Creative Inspiration: Boosting Creative Entrepreneurship & Digital Learning” was held in Sofia on February 18th, organized by our Bulgarian partner Budakov Films.

The main goal of this meet up event was to shed more light on the results achieved throughout all Intellectual Outputs of the project development. Therefore, the agenda was designed to cover topics that would quickly grab the attention of the attendees as well as inviting renowned international and local speakers. One hundred and forty-nine attendees joined the event via Zoom once they had registered themselves in a Google form. Besides participants from Bulgaria, there were many attendees from Germany, Italy, Greece, Belgium, Austria and Luxembourg.

The multiplier event was kindly supported by the New Bulgarian University which currently hosts more than 9000 students and app. 2500 of them are enrolled into undergraduate and graduate programs with creative profile and background, e.g. “Graphic design”, “Web design”, “Visual communication”, “Cinema & TV”, “Advertising”, “Digital Media” and etc.

The event was opened by the moderator - Dr. Petyo Budakov – a founder and managing director of Budakov Films. Dr. Budakov briefly introduced the public with the main project goals, aims and mission. He explained all objectives that stands to the CreatINNES intellectual outputs and how they have been executed over the time.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ilija Kojuharov who is a Chairman of Department “Cinema, advertising and show business” was the first panelist and he introduced the attendees with some mind-blowing insights regarding logo design – he aired numerous valuable tips in terms of how to create a logical relation between all brand elements by achieving unity, harmony and consistency.

Dr. h.c. Wolfgang Kniejski aired in his brilliant presentation some heart-stirring facts and practice-based tips concerning how the creativity and entrepreneurship could be merged together in order to bring success to the young entrepreneurs. Dr. Kniejski’s presentation was entitled “Steps to Success as a Creative Entrepreneur” and outlined concrete recommendations regarding how the young entrepreneurs should overcome barriers and pitfalls as well as introducing the attendees with the so-called “creative triangle”.

The audience was extremely engaged by the third panellists – Dr. Georgi Malchev – a managing Partner at Xplora and a part-time lecturer at the New Bulgarian University. In his presentation “Marketing Fundamentals and Insights”, Dr. Malchev managed to shed more lights on the social networking as well as giving examples of how to utilize some of the latest digital marketing tools.

However, Mr. Dennis Gutjahr illustrated his entrepreneurial path as a freelancer throughout the panel “UI/UX Prototyping and Portfolio”. Mr. Gutjahr explained what challenges he faced right on the start, how he got inspiration and last but not least – how he managed to overcome all troubles and common pitfalls.

The last speaker was Dr. Petyo Budakov who introduced the attendees with some great practices for designing User Interface (UI) and its related functionalities of the CreatINNES Academy. Dr. Budakov aired all project activities by explaining in details how they have been strategically executed in order to provide the CreatINNES users with a pleasant and intuitive user and learning experience. In addition, Dr. Budakov requested the public to test the CreatINNES Academy by taking a UI/UX test. Hence, he managed to collect 121 responses who helped the consortium to further improve the user experience provided by the project learning management system.

The multiplier event ended with a Q&A session where the attendees not only asked numerous questions but also took this chance to boost their network of contacts. The event was evaluated as a very successful by the public through a survey form and there was an indicated interest to the next CreatINNES initiatives.

Thanks to everyone who joined our multiplier event yesterday! We highly appreciate your active participation and positive feedback!

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