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We are in North Macedonia

"Think twice, say once." - North Macedonian proverb

Multiplier event in North Macedonia "CreatINNES - Creativity and Entrepreneurship. Correlation and importance”

A Multiplier event organized by Macedonian Enterprise Development Foundation


The Macedonian Enterprise Development Foundation on May 7th 2021 held the multiplier event: "CreatINNES - Creativity and Entrepreneurship. Correlation and importance”.
More than 200 creative workers, freelancers, students, business start-ups and representatives of the business sector has joined the Multiplier event where several important topics were discussed: How can creative and digital skills contribute to a successful development of a business? Why entrepreneurial skills are essential to succeed in the sector of the creative and cultural industry? What is the concept of Design Thinking, How Visual Branding can help us build corporate identity and how to succeed on the global market of video games? 

Renowned experts from North Macedonia, Germany and Bulgaria shared successful examples in the areas of Design Thinking, Visual Branding, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creative skills.
Dimitar Smiljanovski from the Macedonian Enterprise Development Foundation and Dr. Wolfgang Kneijski from the European Institute for Innovation and Technology Development (EIT) emphasized the correlation and importance of entrepreneurial and creative skills for the development of a successful business model. They pointed out how these skills can be developed and what opportunities are available to current and future entrepreneurs.









"Visual branding is one of the best tools for communicating with your customers. It can help you create a powerful business identity, ”said Dr. Petyo Budakov, Founder and CEO of the Budakov Films Advertising and Graphic Design Agency, which operates successfully in Bulgaria and Germany.

"Think global, act global" was the message of Naum Mihajlovski, CEO and co-founder of the Macedonian game development studio Furious Avocado, which emphasized the openness of the market and the possibility for small gaming studios to reach cooperation with game publishers and to achieve world success.

By following the presentation of Lela Anastasova, who is a certified Design Thinking Trainer and Project Manager at Innothink, participants were introduced to the Design Thinking concept and how it can contribute to the development of innovation. She also promoted the "Creative Guide" which contains useful tools, examples and ideas for using this methodology.

Dimitar Smiljanovski also presented the free online blended learning platform "CreatINNES Academy" which contains two programs: "Entrepreneurship for CCI freelancers and start-ups" and "Creative thinking for innovation" through which many new skills can be acquired.

After the event, the participants have expressed their utmost satisfaction from following this event and have expressed their interest in further elaboration and organization of similar events that can support creativity and entrepreneurship.

The main goal of the event was to encourage greater application of entrepreneurship, creativity and digital skills as key factor for business development and greater success in the creative and cultural industry.

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Friday, May 7, 2021, 10am-12pm (CET) Skopje (online via ZOOM:

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