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Dissemination activities

The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth. 
- John F. Kennedy

About our Dissemination Activities

Our CreatINNES  consortium decided to implement several powerful tools to disseminate information about our project in the five project countries. The tools were chosen in the 1st transnational Kick of meeting that took place in Darmstadt, Germany.



The main objectives were:


  • To use social networks that can be easily visited by creative entrepreneurial, freelancers, students and the local communities.

  • To offer a varied range of dissemination tools: digital and physical on national and European level by describing our tangible and intangible project results.

  • Due to the Coronavirus outbreak some of the project dissemination activities had to be delivered online. However, the consortium was delighted by the high impact which was caused. 

  • To update them regularly in order to communicate every single event or news related to our results: analysis of qualification needs, two training programs, learning management system and a blended training methodology.

  • Facilitating meetings (online and on-site) between stakeholders, venture capitalists, entrepreneurial, freelancers, students, educators and etc.

  • To actively share posts and publications in the organization's websites, blogs, newsletters, social media and any other corporative events.


Moreover, some of the dissemination print resources could be downloaded bellow:

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