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CreatINNES multiplier event as a part of the “Eco-Fashion Award” in Paris

CreatINNES project has its Multilier event in France, organized by ALANAM company on Friday June 4th 2021 as a part of the "Eco-Fashion Award ′′ in Paris. Our French team provided a strong support and contribution to the event dedicated to eco-responsible brands with co-organasers Lomads and Luxe Partenaires.

CreatINNES project was presented by Lucie Potzeha. The event was organized as a competition bringing together 36 professionals working in the fashion sector including photographers, make-up artists, eco-responsible clothing brands and models under the name “Eco-Fashion Award”. The concept of this event is to create potential future collaborations with members of other teams. Eco-Fashion Award represents fashion today, respect for the environment through eco-friendly clothing, but also the recognition of photographers, MUAs and models who are not highlighted enough during advertising campaigns. The participants were divided in different teams. Each team consisted of a photographer, a make-up artist, a responsible ready-to-wear brand and a model. They had approximately 4 hours to complete their projects idea.

A jury made up of four professionals rated their final works on several criteria such as color harmony, creativity, message, composition and on the concept of the brand and business idea.

All the teams received an award such as: an interview, a future collaboration with Luxe Partenaires, coaching from CreatINNES, advice for good communication and access to the CreatINNES platform.

The winners in a category of your choice will have access to business creation coaching, business model discussion, GoToMarket with CreatINNES partners (a few hours per member of the winning team).

The goal of this event is for each participant to have a good time around a common passion: Creativity.

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