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We are in Germany

"Starting is easy, persistence is an art.” - German proverb

International webinar “The Fundamental of Becoming a Creative Entrepreneur”

Organized by CreatINNES and  XU Exponential University, Potsdam


At the end of the project, CreatINNES had its last event - an international webinar named "The Fundamentals of Becoming a Creative Entrepreneur". The webinar was initiated by INI-Novation GmbH with co-organizer XU Exponential University Potsdam in Germany - a very prestigious German state-recognized academic institution.  

The goal aiming the main steps towards entrepreneurship for people working in CCI to be presented by following the results of the project as the CreatINNES training programs and CreatINNES Academy. Participants were students, CCI representatives and experts in business development. The event was supported by all project partners. 






Dr. h.c. Wolfgang Kniejski addressed the importance of creative elements in an entrepreneurial life, especially considering creativity in the marketing strategy of startups (pricing, product policy, distribution through online channels and communication also via Social Media).


Prof. Dr. Petyo Budakov addressed the concept of Design Thinking and how Visual Branding can help us build corporate identity to leverage recognition in global markets.

Mainly the content of the the two CreatINNES training programs as well as the CreatINNES Academy platform were promoted.

After the event, the participants have expressed their satisfaction with the “lesson learned” and have expressed their interest in further elaboration and organization of similar events that can support creativity and entrepreneurship.

The main goal of the event was to encourage greater application of entrepreneurship, creativity and digital skills as key factor for business development and greater success in the creative and cultural industry.

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