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Training Modules

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough we must do.” 


CreatINNES Training Modules

In Europe, there is a unique concentration of creative freelancers, small CCI companies, and heritage and arts institutions, which together have real power to increase the attraction of cities and regions.  
However, CCI entrepreneurs often lack the requisite business skills for marketing their projects to customers, as well as to potential investors and sponsors. They lack entrepreneurial skills, and fail to realize financial and commercial opportunities;. European CCI entities also underperform in terms of registration of new IPRs, on which their business models often times depend. 

Creativity and innovation are locked in a close and intricate relationship, which underlies the interdependence between the CCI and the digital economy. There is a real need for innovative approaches in training freelancers and startups in order to enable further growth in the CCI sector. 
Our training programs are based on the fundamental needs for entrepreneurial and business skills in this sector. We are creating two multilingual training programs for enabling CCI entities and innovative startups to identify and seize opportunities for growth and access to finance:


Training program 1: “Entrepreneurship for CCI freelancers and startups”

This training program is designed to meet the most pressing needs of CCI entrepreneurs. Creative entrepreneurs need to develop an effective mix of creative and business skills, which often shifts across different stages of their careers and company life cycles. CCI entrepreneurs’ dual role as an artists and entrepreneurs requires, at the same time, creativity skills related to imagination, divergent thinking, and intuition, as well as entrepreneurial skills and capacities in business planning, presentation, communication, management, and marketing. 

You will be able to find more information on the training program "Entrepreneurship for CCI freelancers and startups" The Training program contains 8 modules, a total of 26 exercises and 19 good practices related to the topics, and 65 questions in quizzes as as tools for reviewing effectiveness. The following topics are presented: visualization of the entrepreneurial journey, business planning, marketing strategy and elements of the marketing mix; networking, building ecosystems and entering international market, financing the business growth, IPR, digital with social media dissemination, presentation and pitching skills.  

Training program 1 is available on the special blended learning platform "CreatINNES Academy"

Training program 2: “Creative thinking for Innovation”

This training program is designed to enhance the learners’ ability to harness creativity, which is a critical skill in business. It focuses on divergent thinking, the ability to develop multiple ideas and concepts to solve problems, and to channel creativity for business purposes. Through a combination of creativity-themed lectures, practice-oriented exercises, and hands-on workshops, non-CCI innovators will develop an understanding of creativity as a business tool, and will increase their own ability to apply this tool in their professional lives.


The training program contains 8 training modules, a total of 26 exercises and 19 good practices related to the topic, and 75 questions in quizzes as tools for reviewing effectiveness. The following topics are presented: design thinking, e-commerce, visual branding, growth hacking, brainstorming and advertising techniques, problem solving and critical thinking, social media content, concept development. 

Training Training program 2 is available on the special blended learning platform "CreatINNES Academy".

All modules are available in six different languages: English, German, French, Bulgarian, Macedonian, and Hungarian. 

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