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CreatINNES Project

“The best way to predict the future is to create it..” 

Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee

What is CreatINNES

The Creative and Cultural Industries (CCI) are acknowledged as a source of copious innovation and a key driver for economic growth, increasing the competitiveness of the European economy, especially in specific sectors such as tourism, cultural heritage, and design. 


Despite its overall economic significance, the field of CCI has faced unique challenges due its distinctive fragmentation and, in some sectors, the preponderance of small businesses or freelancers. The unique needs, stemming from the unique challenges include

  • … the need for new models of cross-sectoral collaboration and ”out-of-the-sector” thinking to    overcome the size-related barriers confronting the typical SME/freelancer CCI entities,

  • … the need for acquiring business skills and practical knowledge necessary for succeeding commercially, and

  • … access to finance for scaling up operations and production.


CreatINNES is a European project funded by ERASMUS+ funding scheme 2018 – 2021. 

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We bring together creativity and business, exploiting the mutually reinforcing impact of the two to boost innovation and the growth of the economy, especially in European regions.


We provide support for CCI startups and freelancers via innovative training programs based on knowledge co-creation and cross-sectoral collaboration.



We believe, on the one hand, in creativity as a shield against ordinariness and an essential component of long-term commercial advantage, and, on the other hand, in business competence as indispensable for turning creativity into innovation.

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