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The creative and cultural industries are an important factor in stimulating economic development

December 27, 2019, Skopje

On December 17, Skopje hosted the event "Entrepreneur of the Year 2019". This event is one of the most popular in North Macedonia aiming to stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit in the country by promoting successful examples of the best small and micro enterprises. More than 150 guests were present, including entrepreneurs, representatives of different state institutions, chambers of commerce, civil society organizations and the media.

The Macedonian Enterprise Development Foundation (MEDF) promoted the activities implemented as part of our initiative "CreatINNES - Strategic Partnership for Innovation and Business Skills Development in the Cultural and Creative Industries".

Tetjana Lazarevska, MEDF Executive Director, addressed the importance of the creative and cultural industries for stimulating the economic development:

"Creativity is said to be a reflection of the human imagination, which spreads important social and cultural values. Targeted in the economy, defined as the Creative and Cultural Industry, it is recognized as an important sector with a significant contribution to the national gross domestic product. It fosters innovation and knowledge transfer in all sectors of the economy and is a key factor in fostering economic development. "

The MEDF project team shared informative materials for CreatINNES project and provided with information for the audience on our current activities including the results of our Intellectual Output 1 "Analysis and Definition of Qualification Needs in CCI Area" determining the needs of entrepreneurial skills in the creative and cultural industry, as well as the needs for developing skills to foster entrepreneurship. creativity and creative thinking in the business sector.

The MEDF project team announced the upcoming two training programs "Creative Thinking for Innovation Development" and "Entrepreneurship for start-ups in the creative and cultural industry", on which our CreatINNES team currently is working.

The event was organized for the 13th time by the Macedonian Enterprise Development Foundation, the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce and the Northwest Macedonian Chamber of Commerce. Co-organized by the National Center for Development of Innovation and Entrepreneurial Learning and sponsored by the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Northern Macedonia. Sponsor of the event is Savings House Mozhnosti.

Pictures: MEDF, Skopje

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