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Analysis of the Needs in Cultural and Creative Industries

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

CreatiNNES team has proudly presented the First Intellectual Output of the CreatINNES project named "Analysis of the Needs in Cultural and Creative Industries".

Along with all upcoming positives and opportunities for the creative people, various difficulties and issues occur. A hardship for the representatives of the CCI area in Europe is that the sector is fragmented by small businesses or individuals. They often face unique needs stemming from unique challenges including: the need for new models of cross-sectoral collaboration and ”out-of-the-sector” thinking; the need for acquiring business skills and practical knowledge necessary for succeeding commercially, and access to finance for scaling up operations and production.

Therefore, before creating CreatINNES the training programs, our first step is to conduct our own survey targeting CCI startups, freelancers, and small innovative companies to collect valuable and relevant information about their training needs.

Actually, we successfully conducted two surveys (because of our two future training programs) each in every partner country - Bulgaria, Germany, France, Hungary and North Macedonia. Both surveys are thematically divided the first one is addressing the CCI freelancers and entrepreneurs and the second one is targeting non-CCI digital companies.

Now, the goal is achieved and the information analysed. Below you can see our findings and results from our survey .

Based on our findings, the project consortium started to develop two tailored made training programs named "Entrepreneurship for CCI freelancers and start ups" and "Creative thinking for Innovation".

The first program "Entrepreneurship for CCI freelancers and start ups" is targeting the stakeholders in CCI sector, mainly startups and freelancers who want to develop their skills in business planning, marketing, product development and other relevant topics. All business topics, relevant to the needs of those stakeholders, are presented in 8 training modules.

The second program "Creative thinking for Innovation" is targeting innovative digital startups and small companies, which are not necessarily form the CCI sector. This program is focused on creativity as important ingredient in the innovation process.

We expect to finalize the two programs in February 2020.

Our findings and analysis in resume can be downloaded from the CreatiNNES website.

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