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Partners meet in Hungary

At the beginning of October 1st- 3rd 2019, CreatINNES partners meeting again in the beautiful capital of Hungary - Budapest. We are expecting a fruitful and beneficial meeting for our project continuation.

Shot near Deak Ferenec Ter, Budapest, © Creative Commons Zero (CC0)

Several topics are already hot in our agenda:

We expect good discussions on our further progress in the development of the two CreatINNES training programs "Entrepreneurship for CCI startups and freelancers" and "Creative thinking for innovation", which are also our next project outcomes. The development is going in a quite good speed and all partners are contributing with their expertise and quality of work.

Our first Multiplier event excites all of us. Our Hungarian partner Telebbery has finalized the organization bringing on board as co-organizers of the event the

Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest (MOME) providing training in design and art theory (, and Central European University's Innovations Lab providing support for technology start-ups from early stages to market viability  ( ). Information about the agenda is available already in our News. Many of CreatINNES partners are speakers on the event and this will giv us opportunity for direct communication with many stakeholders in creative industry, startups, students and entrepreneurs attending the event.

For sure, another important topic for us on this project meeting is the development of the CreatINNES platform for blended and online learning.

Our Hungarian hosts have also organized interesting study visit to key players in the local ecosystem.

Isn't this exiting? Definitely , yes!

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