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Entrepreneurship and Creativity - One Plus One Is More Than Two

A Multiplier Event in Budapest

Dr. Andera Kozma, Director InnovationsLab

On October 2, the first multiplier event of CreatINNES "Entrepreneurship and Creativity - One Plus One Is More Than Two" was kicked-off as an international open seminar. It was organized by three organizations - our Hungarian partner Teleberry , Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Central European University Innovation Lab 2019, at the CEU Nádor Street building.

The purpose of the event was to enhance dialogue between creative and cultural industries, digital technology companies and financial investors, and to foster entrepreneurial skills in the creative and cultural industries. Accordingly, the target audience of the event were primarily companies and young freelancers working in the creative and cultural industries, CCI students, and representatives of technology businesses that value creativity.

The organizers

The organizers of the event are

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