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CreatINNES team started a research

to identify needs and to collected feedback as input for the future training programmes to be developed for freelancers and entrepreneurs active in CCI and digital sectors

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

CCI has always been fragmented by small businesses or freelancers that have different challenges and needs: access to finance is important for their up-scaling, or increased opportunities for cross-sectoral collaboration, or ”out-of-the-sector” thinking to overcome the small size of their CCI entities, or business training that increases their business skills and performance. These are a few of many possible challenges, which CCI actors are facing.

Therefore, the first task of the CreatINNES team is to identify as much as possible needs, preferences, or even gaps on in CCI training market. Leader of this key activity is the Bulgarian partner BIC INNOBRIDGE.

All questionnaires are uploaded on the SurveyMonkey platform on the five project languages:

  • German:

  • French:

  • Bulgarian:

  • Macedonian:

  • Hungarian:

The results are coming soon.

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Find more about our Bulgarian partner BIC INNOBRIDGE here.

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