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Welcome to CreatINNES

We believe in creativity as a shield against ordinaries feeding innovation.   

Dear Visitor, 

We are happy with your interest to our initiative and it is our pleasure to share with you our expertise. Our work is dedicated and related to the Creative and Cultural Industries (CCI) sector.

CreatINNES is a European project funded by ERASMUS+ funding scheme 2018 – 2021. Behind CreatINNES, we are six dedicated to the project European organizations from Germany, France, Hungary, North Macedonia and Bulgaria, joined together in a strategic partnership to respond to the needs of Creative and Cultural Industries by providing support via ”out-of-the-sector” thinking and innovative training in business development.


CreatINNES supports CCI freelancers and start-ups working in the cultural and creative, audio-visual, and digital sector, and the ones that are developing solutions based on cultural heritage and tourism business opportunities, regional multipliers, members of the partnership network and their stakeholders.

We kindly invite you to participate in our future activities and to provide your valuable feedback.


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Let us together boost the creative and cultural industry in your region and create win-win situations benefiting all!

The CreatINNES team

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